Why your business website needs constant maintenance

The online business context is one of the fastest there is. Content expires quickly and what has been recently upgraded becomes obsolete soon.

Web Design Trends for 2019

A new year is starting and with it, the coming and going of trends and new do’s and don’ts.

App development for your business

By this time, you’ve probably heard your share on the importance of having an online presence for businesses. A good website, accounts on major social media sites, etc. But today we’ll focus on something that gets more and more important by the day: App development for your business. What is an app? Basically, an application [...]

Reliable and Secure Website Design at Performa Technologies

Having a high traffic website that meets all the standards of your business is our specialty.

Moving at the pace of successful business

At Performa Technologies we offer the kind of service that will ensure your company never lags behind.

A way to convert a need in an excellent service with a Mobile App

A way to convert a need in an excellent service with a Mobile App

Auto Tours Relaunch!

We’ve relaunched our Auto Tours sites! Now buying your tour is even easier! After accessing either Auto Tours America or Auto Tours Europe, just select the tour of your liking, point-out your lodging preferences, choose the vehicle that’s just for you and pay however you want to: in full or in parts, through any of your credit cards or PayPal.