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Web Design

Perhaps you need a website overhaul to make your current website more clean looking, well written, or better performing. After a free consultation to discuss your goals, we can restructure your current website with new graphics, text, and other features for a fresh, one-of-a-kind look.

Our direct access to best-in-class software and technologies allow us to maximize efficiencies and pass them along to you – our valued clients – resulting in the competitive pricing from point-of-sale to marketing collateral, with the best quality this marketplace can offer.

No Website? Bad Website?

Don’t miss out opportunities to grow your business. Performa Technologies will present you with a professional finished design at an ultra competitive price.

More business

We use simple design techniques that guarantees results, cutting edge technology and impressive graphic design that has our clientele doing more business online.

Customer Service

Improve your customer service by processing requests via online forms, creating more opportunities for potential customers to reach you, and increase customer engagement.

Clean Design

We combine the latest technologies with aesthetic design to reinforce function. This means that we’ll style the look and feel of your website for your audience, to make it easier and enjoyable to use.

Be Everywhere

Break the geographical barriers and be more accessible to potential customers from any part of the world by building online presence.


Increase Visibility to Clients 24/7. Expand your reach through social media by delivering a personalized shopping experience and direct marketing campaigns.


It takes less than a minute for a user to decide if they’ll engage or leave a website. Speeding up your website is important, not just to ranking well with Google, but to keep your bottom-line profits high.



Design made to fit mobile use or flexible for many different screen formats is essential , and adding micro-interactions like animations or short sounds when the user performs a certain action make a subtle impact in your user’s enjoyment of your platform.



With unique content, well formatted URLs, fast loading pages, optimized images and meaningful structure, your chances of achieving better rankings on the main search engines will be increased.

Our Projects

If you are looking for a way to start your business projects in the new year fresh, consider contacting us. Take a look at our extensive portfolio and see for yourself!

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