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At Performa Technologies, we treat your corporate website design and redesign as though that’s exactly what we’re dealing with. We’ve built a respected reputation as an online website re-design company that can take any corporate website, rework the fundamental concepts behind it, redesign the layout, and present you with a professional finished design at an ultra competitive price.

Perhaps you need a website overhaul to make your current website more clean looking, well written, or better performing. After a free consultation to discuss your goals, we can restructure your current website with new graphics, text, and other features for a fresh, one-of-a-kind look. At Performa Technologies, we use simple design techniques that guarantees results, cutting edge technology and impressive graphic design that has our clientele doing more business online. Take a look at our extensive portfolio and see for yourself!

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Web Design - Better Performance

Better Performance

Recent studies show that for every 1-second delay in page load time a website has 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions (source: Aberdeen Group). Speeding up your website is important, not just to ranking well with Google, but to keep your bottom-line profits high.
Web Design - Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Mobile commerce is now 30% of all U.S. commerce. That’s why responsive design is now more important than ever. Each website we build can be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with. Rather than building a unique mobile version, we build a flexible design that changes dynamically to the actual width of the browser.
Web Design - SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

We’ll configure you website so it’s easy for search engines to crawl (read) and understand what the particular website is all about. With unique content, well formatted URLs, fast loading pages, optimized images and meaningful structure, your chances of achieving better rankings on the main search engines will be increased.

Case Studies

Our Process


Initial informal discussions covering project objectives, timing and budget. Formal meetings will follow to discuss your project in detail and clarify any technical issues including budget, timetable and corporate identity guidelines. What’s decided here sets the stage for the entire project.

Design Process

Our team develops the draft concepts and designs to present to the client, who will select the most appropriate options for further development. Following your review and feedback, the designer amends the material as required and, if necessary, presents you with new design(s).


Coding brings the pages to life by making them interactive, and fully functioning within modern web browsers. We code sites by creating a Content Management System (CMS) frame­work to allow clients to take over maintenance of key sections of their sites.

Testing & Launch

We test your site on major browsers and operating systems. Once ready, we advise to go live with a “soft launch” where the site goes without any big announcement. When quirks are tuned up (there will be some), you announce that you are live and launch a promotion to drive visitors to your new site.

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