3 Website Ideas

Online commerce has become very important! It’s time to consider launching (or re-launching) your website. To do this, it’s essential to focus on the areas that will make your business profitable, while being even more convenient for your clients.

Consider the following when improving your website:

1.- Include direct e-commerce options into the website code

A direct way to profit from your website is including an online store into it. The products and services your company offers will have better visibility and sales, so consider it seriously in case you already don’t have one. To begin with, an online store isn’t limited by geographic borders, so it will have clients from Florida, New York, or Los Angeles, as well as Australia, cities all over Europe or the entire world. Nothing will stop you. Besides, websites are online 24 hours a day, so your online store will also be. This means clients at any time of the day.

On the other hand, an online store offers flexibility in payment methods. PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Bitcoins (BTC), Apple Pay… There are many payment methods and the more options you can offer, the greater convenience for your clients, and the more they will trust your company. By allowing more options, your clients can also choose the payment method that will report lower commission fees when they pay.

2.- Turn your website into an App

Mobile apps become more popular year after year. At every passing moment, there are newer ideas for apps that are interesting, useful, or fun to be used in phones or tablets… But how about instead of having a mobile app and a website you take the advantages of both and get a Web App?

Web Applications come from Google, they’re useful tools that offer all the functions of mobile apps with the performance of a web navigator or a native app. The main advantage of having a Web App is that they have excellent performance in mobile platforms (iPhone or Android), showing your content directly to thousands of users without having to change the design of your website to a responsive page. Also, in terms of costs, it’s always more recommendable to have a Web App than a traditional website.

Something else to consider is that accessibility and user interaction through a Web App allows greater engagement for a long time since a Web App offers a more personalized experience that’s easier to customize than a traditional website that requires constant and costly updates that can only focus on a bigger and less personalized target audience.

3.- Master SEO for your website

Search Engine Optimization refers to good use of content publication and many different characteristics of websites so everything published on them reaches the potential clients that content is aimed at.

The way this is measured is achieving a higher ranking for certain search terms in search engines like Google. When a website has a higher ranking, it gets more relevant traffic and at the same time makes more profit. A high SEO index is a very valuable quality in the world of online marketing.

The difficulty of SEO lies in the fact that search engines like Google are always changing their algorithms. That’s why the “rules” for good publication practices change all the time. That’s why successful companies must always stay at the forefront, learning and trying new strategies.

If you want to try launching a new website or Web App, or if you wish to improve the one you already have through updating, optimization, or a complete renovation, you can contact us at:

Earning money with a website is a reality

The comfort that e-commerce services offer today, and the implementation of exposure and usability strategies, encoded on websites, allow you to have a powerful company that will effectively reach your natural users.

A website that can be found easily, with content that is correctly understood translates into:

  1. Substantial visits increase.
  2. Reduced costs for the user and your company.
  3. Making a direct relationship with the client allowing for privacy in the handling of information.
  4. Reliable and effective electronic payment methods.
    Accurate and updated handling of your company’s information.

It will be in the interest of your company to maximize the number of transactions that flow on your website. In this sense, all the information published must contribute to creating the image that the public will have of either the company, brand, product, or service.

The world of content, e-commerce, and Internet advertising are revealing enormous possibilities and sources of income.

Don’t think twice. The best option aims to make your business visible, expand, and become dynamic with a website with the latest technology and sophisticated web designs that guarantee user satisfaction.

Designing, creating, and maintaining your website is our specialty!

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Online Business Time

On days where the majority of your potential clients are at home consuming online media 24/7, it’s time to reevaluate your company’s approach to online business and how to make the best of it.

Increase visibility by making the most of online marketing tools, making sure your business stays at the top of your client’s preference. With our SEO, platform maintenance and digital marketing services we will ensure your company stays in touch with the public.


Expand your reach through social media by delivering a personalized shopping experience and direct marketing campaigns. A new client finding your company, accessing the information they need to decide you’re what they’re looking for and completing a purchase are all things that can be done 100% online.


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Progressive Web App

The concept of “web application” comes from software engineering. It refers to those tools that users can use via accessing a web server through an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Traditional web applications are installed for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

There are also other types of applications that do not depend on any operating system, but run on a web page in a browser, such as notifications, weather consultation, language translators, converting one type of currency into another, etc. To run these applications, it is necessary to consult databases, reconstruct images, make intensive calculations, etc., etc.… Depending on the complexity of the tasks that the web application fulfills, the response time of these applications can be degraded to a point where the User Experience is at risk.

To avoid this, native applications were created for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. The only purpose native applications have is to obtain the best appearance and the best possible response speed on the operating system’s own platform. The downside of this is that the use of these applications is restricted to users who have that particular operating system.

How could you have the advantages of traditional web applications and the advantages of running native applications regardless of the operating system and the browser that hosts them?

We already have the answer: using PWA.

PWAs are right in the middle between web applications and native applications. PWAs are websites that perform tasks that generally only native applications could perform, guaranteeing a perfect mobile experience from any device and operating system. They are fast and versatile, adapt to any company or business needs and provide an excellent user experience.

At Performa Technologies we are dedicated to offering the best for our clients using cutting-edge technology, efficient web design and programming strategies that will make your PWA generate a qualitative leap in obtaining customers and increasing profits. Contact us for a demo or for any kind of question you want to ask us.

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Why your business website needs constant maintenance

Many years ago a website could last three years mostly unchanged. Nowadays that time can’t go beyond one single year. That’s what things are far from done after you have you have launched your business website.

One of the main goals of any business website is making your company visible for potential customers. But being at the top search results depends on being constantly updating and having new interesting things to show. This will not only motivate your potential customers to engage with your company online, it also ranks your website higher in search engines, the main objective of a well-done SEO job.

Furthermore, that a website works fine and well is not guaranteed no matter how well done it is when launched. There’s a multitude of smaller things going on behind scenes in a website, and what works today might get bugs and errors. There are even hackers to be wary of, no matter what your website specializes on. Constant monitoring and maintenance are essential to keep a professional online presence.

From every angle you look at it, having a business website goes beyond having it done. It’s an interactive, dynamic and evolving platform that connects your company to your present and future clients. That’s why investing in its upkeeping is a must for any serious business.

At Performa Technologies we make sure our clients have professional, up-to-date and functional digital platforms to grow their businesses online. Interested?

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Web Design Trends for 2019

Online media is particularly prone to these changes, and when competing for web users’ attention means getting more sales or not, being a step ahead can make a big difference. That’s why today we bring you a glimpse of what this year might bring when it comes to web design.

User Experience is King

It takes less than a minute for a user to decide if they’ll engage or leave a website. Today’s online population is more demanding than ever before, and to meet their expectations web design must be flawless, quick to load, and able to smoothly lead the user’s attention to the right places while making it the best possible experience. An existing trend that will keep going strong is integrating videos into web content, even using it as backgrounds for your text or image content. Custom-made graphics and illustrations are also a great way of catching attention while giving your brand a unique look. Design made to fit mobile use or flexible for many different screen formats is essential as it has been, and, lastly, adding micro-interactions (like animations or short sounds when the user performs a certain action like clicking) are a small detail and make a subtle impact in your user’s enjoyment of your platform.

Making the most of less in aesthetics

Tying with the previous point, considering we need a fast website with attention-catching elements, this year minimalism will keep being the main aesthetic choice for web design. Bold colors with plenty of white space, flat designs, and organic (as opposed to sharp) shapes are good elements that can interact with each other to make the most of a simple layout, improving a simple scrolling-through-a-page experience into something dynamic. And lastly, when it comes to choosing an aesthetic that will make elements truly stand out, going completely black and white with only a handful of elements emphasized in color can do the trick while adding a “glitch” look to graphics can add a modern, trendy aesthetic to your site.

Evolving technology

The mobile-oriented design is still the first thing to keep in mind, as we mentioned before. Today most of the web-searches are done through mobile, and this will be the primary path through which potential customers reach businesses to engage with. And when it comes to customers, today Artificial Intelligence software has advanced enough to make Chatbots a great, cost-effective element to any website that seeks to grow engagement through direct interaction.


Do any of these trends match with your brand? Are you interested in improving your online platform according to 2019 demands? Contact us at Performa Technologies and let’s start the project right now.

App development for your business

By this time, you’ve probably heard your share on the importance of having an online presence for businesses. A good website, accounts on major social media sites, etc. But today we’ll focus on something that gets more and more important by the day: App development for your business.

What is an app? Basically, an application is a software program designed to perform a specific function. There are two types of Apps: the mobile app (the ones you use every day on your phone) and the web app (ones you’ve used without noticing, probably). Web applications are accessed through a browser just like a website but there’s something fundamental that makes them different: the primary function of a web page is providing information, while a web application performs a specific task, like for example letting you access your email or provide an online shopping service.

The great differences between websites and apps (for both mobile and web) cause their creation, use and look to be very different too. A website is usually made of static elements with occasional images and videos to make them more interesting. An app must be interactive and dynamic, making it easy for the user to complete the task the app was designed for.

There are many things to say about app development that we can go about in depth later. But for the business owner seeking to grow, what’s important to know? First, that having an app that can make your product or service more easily available for your potential client would make a huge boost to your sales. Second, for your business app to be successful you need to know your customers very well, and think how could an app help you get your product or service to them. Third, consider the design of the App itself a vital part of how your business presents itself to your customers, since it will become the deciding factor of them engaging with your company or not.

Are you interested in seeing your sales grow through developing a business app?

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Reliable and Secure Website Design at Performa Technologies

Keeping a high-traffic website up to your company’s standards is our specialty

To achieve this, we offer web-design that is both efficient and visually attractive, digital marketing and SEO services to position your website as your client’s first choice.

Of course, there are other elements that make success in online commerce. Data safety, speed, and availability of your site and permanent maintenance, reviewing and updating are required for successful business. How can you get this? Performa Technologies offers:


We have several security services to improve privacy and manage network access. These include:

  • Network firewall and firewall for existing web applications, allowing to create private networks and control access to applications
  • HTTPS protocol based on SSL / TLS encryption in every service, guaranteeing that the processing and transit of information are protected against intruders or malware.
  • Connectivity options allowing private or exclusive connection from any place.


You can access your current and past data anytime you like. Our backup services protect 99.99999% of your data.

Backup options go from daily to weekly backups according to the needs of your company. We have specialists committed to reliability and protection of your data.

High performance

Our servers are equipped with the latest technology to suit your business needs, allowing your company to have the most efficient performance.

We optimize your website to achieve the highest speed by eliminating page redirecting, we remove JavaScript and CSS that obstruct the content performance, we’ll program your site to make the most of browser cache, prioritize visible content and optimize answer timing of servers.

Constant Maintenance

We’re in constant contact with our clients to attend any request.

We also constantly update both software and hardware to keep efficiency in our infrastructure and your business.

Moving at the pace of successful business

Life is constant movement and change, and in the world of business, the hectic movement of life is amplified to an incredible degree. Being up to date with technologic advancement is a necessity for any company today.

At Performa Technologies we offer the kind of service that will ensure your company never lags behind.

First things first: an attractive and well-designed website is your presentation card in e-commerce. Just our specialty at Performa! We have experience creating sites that deliver everything the client needs.

The next step is making sure your site is reaching your target audience. Staying relevant so search engines pick up your site before others are essential. That’s what SEO is for. At Performa, we’ll make sure your site is being viewed, a lot, and by the people, you want to reach.

And the ultimate gadget to be up-to-date in today’s market: Apps. At Performa, we develop apps that will do everything your company requires. Keeping contact with clients and offering your products in the most accessible and attractive way. Our apps have specialized areas for administrators and clients and secure payment methods, plus we can add and develop anything and everything that will make your business succeed in this fast-moving world.

A way to convert a need in an excellent service with a Mobile App

What if you required a safe ride for your children, safe as if the police itself escorted them?  If you’re at Dallas, all you’d need to do is pick up your mobile and with a few clicks, an officer himself will pick up your kid. If that’s not enough, you can also check their route as they go and get notified when they arrive. The name’s Bubbl, it’s fast, safe and easy to manage, and it’s an app made by us, Performa Technologies.

What were the customer’s expectations?

  1.     Creation of a Website/ Web-based App & a Mobile App (IOS) for booking rides & drivers (Bubbl).
  2.     Create a way to effectively communicate an interact with users.
  3.     Design an easy way for users to find their locations.
  4.     Develop a simple eCommerce platform for booking rides to their online customers.
  5.     Create an easy and flexible blogging platform to help connect with their customers.

The services Performa Technologies provided consisted of:

  • Creation of a Web-based App & API. This also works as the main data repository for the mobile app.
  • Creation of App for drivers with registration, real-time booking information, and navigation.
  • Creation of App for users with registration advanced booking, real-time interactive map, and secure payment gateway.
  • Creation of Web-based Back End Admin Area (For main Company Administrators).
  • Interactive Map (Google maps API Implementation).
  • Creation of Payment Gateway & Subscriptions.
  • Waze API Implementation (For Drivers on the mobile app).
  • Push Notifications.
  • Creation of an easy and flexible blogging platform to help connect with their customers.
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design.
  • Provide organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion.

As part of our Performa Technologies services, we also regularly provide organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion.

Basically, there was a need and at Performa Technologies we answered in a way that was efficient, manageable and useful!