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Reliable and Secure Website Design at Performa Technologies

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Keeping a high-traffic website up to your company’s standards is our specialty

To achieve this, we offer web-design that is both efficient and visually attractive, digital marketing and SEO services to position your website as your client’s first choice.

Of course, there are other elements that make success in online commerce. Data safety, speed, and availability of your site and permanent maintenance, reviewing and updating are required for successful business. How can you get this? Performa Technologies offers:


We have several security services to improve privacy and manage network access. These include:

  • Network firewall and firewall for existing web applications, allowing to create private networks and control access to applications
  • HTTPS protocol based on SSL / TLS encryption in every service, guaranteeing that the processing and transit of information are protected against intruders or malware.
  • Connectivity options allowing private or exclusive connection from any place.
securityService - Performa Technologies


You can access your current and past data anytime you like. Our backup services protect 99.99999% of your data.

Backup options go from daily to weekly backups according to the needs of your company. We have specialists committed to reliability and protection of your data.

backup2 - Performa Technologies

High performance

Our servers are equipped with the latest technology to suit your business needs, allowing your company to have the most efficient performance.

We optimize your website to achieve the highest speed by eliminating page redirecting, we remove JavaScript and CSS that obstruct the content performance, we’ll program your site to make the most of browser cache, prioritize visible content and optimize answer timing of servers.

performance - Performa Technologies

Constant Maintenance

We’re in constant contact with our clients to attend any request.

We also constantly update both software and hardware to keep efficiency in our infrastructure and your business.

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