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We’ve relaunched our Auto Tours sites! Now buying your tour is even easier! After accessing either Auto Tours America or Auto Tours Europe, just select the tour of your liking, point-out your lodging preferences, choose the vehicle that’s just for you and pay however you want to: in full or in parts, through any of your credit cards or PayPal.

Our website allows you to be acquainted with your itinerary in detail, including mileage and destination.

At Auto Tours America you have the chance to discover more than 105 destinations in the awe-striking American land. Florida beaches and northern woody mountains, the Big Apple at New York or the famous Los Angeles, California and the inner countryside, and every spot through the legendary Road 66: any and all of the contrasting American landscapes are one click-away.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to stroll through European streets and ride through its roads? At Auto Tours Europe you can choose among 25 different tours that will show you the best of the Old Continent. History, splendor, beauty and inspirations await you at the Mediterranean sea-side, through Spain, Portugal and Italy, across the Swiss Alps and at the British cities, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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