About the Client
Beardilizer is a service-oriented Brand with a twist of Social! Beardilizer was created to provide consumers with fast and outstanding service. They deliver the client’s favorite item to their doorstep.
Their Core Beliefs: Beardilizer is Social – Everyone, everywhere should benefit from A+ Service. Years of Unparalleled quality have driven Beardilizer to become the most dynamic company by providing great products at great price.

The Challenge

Client’s Expectations
  • Creation of a ecommerce website.
  • Develop an app with animated stickers, so users can interact with the app from within iMessage.
  • Create a way to effectively communicate an interact with users.
  • Develop an ecommerce platform for selling their products.
  • Create an easy and flexible blogging platform to help connect with their community.

Technology & Tools

The Solution

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  • Creation of a novelty app (Bearmoji) with animated virtual stickers.
  • Creation of a high quality brand new web design theme & layout.
  • Back end admin area where menus, links and general information can be updated as needed by authorized company administrators.
  • IOS App development with enhanced graphics and animations.
  • Creation of an easy and flexible news feed platform with latest information.
  • Creation of social media wall platform to help connect with their customers.
  • Show gallery.
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design.
  • Monthly maintanence program for both App & Website, including fixing the site when hacked, setup Wordfence with better security settings, and optimization of the site so it is faster and gets better google speed.


The Results

Proud to have had brilliant results, we continue working with Beardilizer as their developers.

Appleā€™s iMessage already reaches close to a billion people daily. The new iMessage platform will make it easier for brands like Beardilizer to build mobile experiences, with the animated virtual stickers of the Beardmoji app as part of its push engage their customers and to promote their products.

Beardmoji has gained success simply for being fun and entertaining. As texting has become a more popular way of communication, with the app, Beardmoji have increased brand exposure to new and potential users/customers as well as maintaining their base customers, translating in high ROI.

Both the app and website have helped reinforce Beardilizer core belief: Beardilizer is social. With funny GIFs and emojis sent via iMessage the company were able to generate large amounts of revenue, not just in app downloads but also in product sales around the world.