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We have vast experience in

Graphic Design

For more than 15 years, our team of highly prepared designers have been creating originals concepts using the latest technologies to transform your ideas into effective visual communication that seeks to inform, identify or promote through the combination of word and image.

From your idea to the final product

Our Services

Our process is a problem solving process, that provides creativity, innovation and technical expertise. We combine shape, color, imagery, typography and space, with the latest trends to get the attention your product needs in today's competitive market. Services in Graphic Design include: Catalogues, Brochures, Postcards, Ads, Web Banners, Email ads, Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead, Signs, Interfaces, and more. Printing services are also provided.

We start by:


Initial informal discussions covering project objectives, timing and budget.

Formal meetings to discuss your project in detail and clarify any technical issues including budget, timetable and corporate identity guidelines.



Our team develops the draft concepts and preliminary designs to present to the client, who will select the most appropriate options for further development.

Following your review and feedback, the designer amends the material as required and, if necessary, presents you with new design(s). 

For review and approval:


Our team prepares the artwork files and provides a proof (email or hardcopy).

Client either approves the artwork by signing the proof, or mark-up revisions. A final proof is provided if required.

Once approved:


We forward the artwork to a commercial printer.

The designer views the printer’s proof and passes the proof on to the client for approval.

Let's recap with

All The Features in One Place


At Performa Technologies our goal is to use the safest and least polluting materials in producing printed products.


Using color, attributes, general look, our team will create different visual designs, and present these concepts to you for review and discuss.


To succeed in branding you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. We'll help you build your brand to make it a strong one.


Printing services are provided, but if you decide to work with the printer company of your preference, we are committed to work with any print production team.


Artworks are created in final format for print production and / or media outputs, online integration or media presentation as needed.


Branding, design, copywriting, printing, consultation, programming... We deliver all these services and more!


We are located in FL, US, with costumers from coast to coast and around the world, we'll adjust to your schedule.


Our team will create different concepts  within 48 hours or less. The client’s feedback is a very important factor to the speed with which a project is completed.


We'll supply you with an agreement, detailing all the work to be carried out as well as the legal details ownership, copyright etc. for you to sign and return to us with your deposit payment, at which point your project will be added to the workflow.

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